The vision of Girly Network is to create a society where individuals can live dignified lives free from all forms of Gender-Based Violence and reach their full potential.


Our core project is providing psychosocial therapy to victims and survivors of sexual violence. This is because care and support helps victims/survivors to have a sense of self-worth and belonging to learn and develop life skills, to participate in society and to have faith for the future. It also helps to strengthen victims/survivors and their caregivers in dealing with the challenges they face and ensures their active participation in coping with the difficulties.  

Psychosocial support is a very important component in Sexual Gender Based Violence response that provide appropriate care, protection and social integration.

We conduct various forms of counseling services for adults and children as a form of intervention. This includes mutual support group therapies, crisis telephone counseling, individual one to one. 

We Identify & Respond

We identify girls and women who have been violated and empower them to seek help and support.
This includes medical care, PEP treatment, and emergency contraception


We conduct sensitization campaigns against sexual violence within the communities and schools through mentorship programs, Music Dance and Drama, Poetry, peaceful walks and workshops. 


We set up boys and girls clubs in schools and empower them through workshops, training in leadership and response to sexual violence.  We work with male and female game changers who act as mentors.

About Girly Network

We are a youth-led network in Uganda empowering victims of gender based violence with much emphasis on sexual violence to speak up, allow healing and counselling. Our team is made of girls some who are survivors of sexual violence while others are passionate and committed to advocate for gender equality in the country.  We want to create a society where individuals can live dignified lives free from all forms of Gender based violence and reach their full potential.